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Sneezing Baby Panda
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Sneezing Baby Panda

Everybody wants a piece of you when you're famous. One little sneeze and you're front page news with over a quarter of a billion viral YouTube views. The hilariously cute sneezing baby panda internet sensation captured eyes, melted hearts and induced fits of laughter all around the world. Chi Chi is his name and his 18 seconds of fame is going to last a lifetime because now there's a movie; a docudrama of panda proportions!

Australian zoologist, Marnie is on the hunt for a star attraction to help her struggling zoo. After seeing the sneezing baby panda video, she falls in love with the cuddly cub-star and realises that Chi Chi could save her zoo. Marnie sets out on a journey to China to track down this elusive panda, and so begins an action-packed adventure tangled with twists and turns.

David Attenborough meets Steven Spielberg in this epic escapade set deep in the heart of China's forests. Starring A-list panda, Tai Shan, the only cub born in Washington's National Zoo. And a star born for what can only be described as the blockbuster role of the year.

Running Time
103 mins
Nb videos
2 videos included
Classification G