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Nowhere Boys Series 1

Nowhere Boys Series 1
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13 episodes in this series

Episode 1 Nowhere Boys - Episode 1
Felix, Andy, Jake and Sam have returned home, much to the relief of their families and friends. But still the universe seems out of balance - an ominous storm is…
Episode 2 Nowhere Boys - Episode 2
Felix decides that undoing Andy's disastrous spell is the fastest way to bring him home. But to cast a reversal spell, Felix needs a valued possession of Andy's.
Episode 3 Nowhere Boys - Episode 3
Pressure mounts on Felix, Jake and Sam when the police suspect they have something to do with Andy's disappearance.
Episode 4 Nowhere Boys - Episode 4
Felix, Jake and Sam have a new mission - find another water element. But it's not as easy as it sounds.
Episode 5 Nowhere Boys - Episode 5
With their new water element, the boys do a spell to find Andy but it backfires landing Jake in serious trouble.
Episode 6 Nowhere Boys - Episode 6
The search for Andy takes Felix, Jake, Sam and Ellen back to the alternate universe. But they have to be quick, Felix fears the restoring demon isn't far behind them.
Episode 7 Nowhere Boys - Episode 7
Overwhelmed, Ellen tries to process their journey to the other universe and refuses to talk to Felix, while Jake is shocked to discover that someone has followed them through the…
Episode 8 Nowhere Boys - Episode 8
The talisman is missing - Jake and Felix are at loggerheads as to where it is. Could Saskia be to blame? Meanwhile, Andy meets a cloaked figure while trying to…
Episode 9 Nowhere Boys - Episode 9
The gang discover Andy is trapped in Negative Space due to Alice hacking Andy's spell; and Alice lures Oscar to the river and offers to cast a spell to make…
Episode 10 Nowhere Boys - Episode 10
Alice has destroyed the talisman and now they have absolutely no way of getting Andy back. Whilst the gang debate this, a figure emerges from the bush...
Episode 11 Nowhere Boys - Episode 11
Sam and Roland have swapped bodies, will the gang realise the truth before it's too late?
Episode 12 Nowhere Boys - Episode 12
The gang have the second talisman and are set to bring Andy home, but Alice is determined to stop them. Meanwhile, Andy and Bear are running for their lives as…
Episode 13 Nowhere Boys - Episode 13
With the gang now powerless, Felix has devised his own plan to rescue Andy. He's going to ask Alice to swap him for Andy. Will the rest of the gang…