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The Dreaming Series 1

The Dreaming Series 1
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13 episodes in this series

Episode 1 Gelam
A little boy's father appears in his dreams and he leaves his mother.
Episode 2 Talwalpin & Kowinka
Two lovers get trapped at sea by a fierce storm.
Episode 3 The Waratah
A young woman leaves her heart on the mountain for her lover.
Episode 4 Tajeer-Tarnium
An orphan boy drinks all the tribes water and turns into a koala.
Episode 5 Kuti Kina
How Kuti Kina the spirit of the Great Ancestor came into being.
Episode 6 Mar The Cockatoo
How one tribe acquires the knowledge of fire?
Episode 7 The Two Willy-Willies
A young girl is pursued by her husband to be.
Episode 8 Dumbi The Owl
Why the Wanality tribe were punished by the Wandjina.
Episode 9 Warlukulunga
How the brothers spear the old mans favorite kangaroo and were punished.
Episode 10 The Black Snake
How the black snake became poisonous.
Episode 11 How Bama Got Biri
How Bama stole the fire from the Rainbow Man's cave.
Episode 12 Wonga & Nudu
Two boys stray from their mother and brother sun teaches them a lesson.
Episode 13 Myths Of The Galaxy
Old man Pluto steals one of the seven sisters to be his bride.