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Babar and the Adventures of Badou
Season 1

Babar and the Adventures of Badou - Season 1
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13 videos in this collection

Spytrap / Sneazles
Spytrap: When maps go missing from the Throne Room, Badou assumes that there is a spy in the Palace. His plan to catch the culprit goes awry when he discovers…
Tutu Badou / Hidden Courtyard
Tutu Badou: Badou discovers his love of dance but gets cold feet before his recital. HIdden Courtyard: Badou is looking for a place to play that he and his friends…
Memory Mayhem / Soaped
Memory Mayhem: Badou is determined to win the prize for Funniest Memory at Babar's Memory Party. Soaped: It appears Jake's stinky smell will get him banned from the Fair, Badou…
Thunderclap/ The Celesteville Junior Marching Band
Thunderclap: Badou must learn the Elephant's emergency trumpet signal, The Thunderclap. The Celesteville Junior Marching Band: Crocodylus volunteers his Crocodile Marching Band to play for Lord Rataxes.
Windrunners / Bivouwacky
Windrunners: Badou plans a balloon flight for his grandfather. Bivouwacky: The monsoon rains have the kids staying inside.
Copycat / Heropotamus
Copycat: Zawadi wants to be unique. Heropotamus: Badou, Chiku and Jake are on a quest to recover the Golden Bananas.
Lulu Time / Chocolate and Banana Soup
Lulu Time: Badou is not looking forward to a visit from his cousin Lulu. Chocolate and Banana Soup: Queen Celeste comes down with the flu.
The Quillinator / Truffle Snuffle
The Quillinator: Munroe thinks he hears of a Rhino plot against Badou. Truffle Snuffle: Badou wants Jake to sniff out truffles.
Kite Fight / Zoomerblimps
Kite Fight: Chiku and Munroe are in a kit flying contest. Zoomerblimps: The kids compete for their Zoomerblimp Junior Pilot wings.
Gone Wild / Operation Secret Suitcase
Gone Wild: Dandy Andi,teaches Badou and Chiku how to survive on the Savanna. Operation Secret Suitcase: Cornelius and Jake might be moving away.
Jake and the Memory Book / Blacktrunk's Magic Stone
Jake and the Memory Book: Jake wants to be mentioned in the Memory Book. Blacktrunk's Magic Stone: Badou pretends there is a stone that grants wishes.
The Key / Grotto for One
The Key: Badou finds an old treasure chest. Grotto for One: A game of kickerball determines who gets to keep the Grotto.
Monkey Camp / Bad Bounce
Monkey Camp: Babar goes to Monkey Camp. Bad Bounce: Badou and friends play on the trampoline.