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Babar Season 1

Babar Season 1
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13 videos in this collection

Babar's First Step
Babar is living with his mother in jungle with the other elephants.
City Ways
Forced to run away from the jungle by the Hunter, Babar makes his way to the City only to find it just as dangerous and confusing.
Babar Returns
Babar leaves the Old Lady and City to return to the jungle so he can bring the other elephants his newfound knowledge.
The City of Elephants
As the Elephants' new King, Babar's first decree is to build a city for all the elephants.
Babar's Triumph
The hunter's return and threaten Babar's kingdom.
Babar's Choice
Babar has to chose between royal duties and love.
Race to the Moon
Babar wants to rebuild an old theater and dedicate it his mother.
No Place Like Home
A young circus boy come to live at the palace.
An Elephant's Best Friend
Times are hard for Babar when Lord Rataxes stops all pomegranate shipments from reaching Celesteville.
The Show Must Go On
Babar has a world class ballet come to perform for Celestville.
To Duet or Not to Duet
Babar is scheduled to perform a duet with a great pianist at a concert.
The Missing Crown Affair
When Babar's crown goes missing, amateur sleuth Zephir decides to help Babar solve the mystery.
The Phantom
Babar discovers a "Phantom" in an abandoned theater.