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America Divided
In a Divided Country, Our Stories Unite Us

America Divided - In a Divided Country, Our Stories Unite Us
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A House Divided - Inequality in Housing in New York City
Norman Lear explores the housing divide in New York City, where he is confronted by one of the nation's starkest images of inequality: a record number of homeless people living…
The Class Divide - Battle to Fix Inequality in Education
Jesse Williams journeys to the Gulf Coast town of St. Petersburg, Florida, once known for its beaches and pleasant weather, but now notorious for being the unlikely epicenter of the…
The Epidemic - Addiction and Deindustrialization
In the 21st century, we have seen the withering of middle-class life in America. Manufacturing, which once held out the promise of a middle-class life for those with a high…
Democracy for Sale - Money in Politics and Voting Rights
North Carolina -- perhaps more than any other state in the Union -- has been transformed by the new and growing tidal wave of political spending. Zach Galifianakis, the comic…
The System - Policing and Mass Incarceration
Common returns to his hometown of Chicago - a city on fire in the aftermath of the brutal police killing of teenager Laquan McDonald. With thousands of people in the…
Out of Reach - Undocumented Immigrants and Reproductive Rights
As the fate of some 11 million undocumented immigrants has become the political football of the 2016 campaign, actress America Ferrera heads to Texas, the state with the longest border…
Something in the Water - The Flint Water Crisis
While most people are aware of the basic contours of the Flint water story, AMERICA DIVIDED goes deeper. Correspondent Rosario Dawson investigates how a government could poison its own citizens,…
Home Economics - Domestic Workers and Labor
Amy Poehler ventures into the world of the invisible women who help keep the California economy afloat: domestic workers. What she finds is a human story far more complex than…

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