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Play School Story Time
A delightful new Play School series featuring some of Australia's most loved celebrities as they snuggle up on the Story Time couch and read entertaining picture books written by Australian authors. Clip #1: "Pig The Winner with Rove McManus" -…
7 videos
Bobbie the Bear
A delightful live action series following the adventures of Bobbie, a lovely lavender bear and his farm friends. Bobbie is a very cute, resourceful and inquisitive bear who solves any problem that comes his way. Clip #1: "A Spot of…
10 videos
Big Ted's Big Adventure
Get ready as Big Ted, Zindzi and Michelle venture into the Animal Kingdom to get up close with some of preschoolers' most treasured animals. Big Ted will learn about the animals and add their photo to his photo album. Clip…
20 videos
Hoot, Hoot, Go!
A comical pre-school adventure series that takes place in the land of Giggle and Hoot. It features owl pals Hoot and Hootabelle as they work together to solve all missions big and small. Clip #1: "The Hootastic Choir" - Clip…
25 videos
Maurice's Big Adventure
Play School's much loved teddy bear Maurice is invited along to experience important events in a preschooler's life, joining his young friends as they embark on exciting adventures into school, new family members and beyond. Clip #1: "Getting Ready For…
12 videos
Two unlikely heroes, Mina and Valdis save the fantastical world of Peleda from the clutches of Giltine, Queen of the Owls. Clip #1: "Arrival" - Clip #2: "Giltine" - Clip #3: "The Amber Shard" - Clip #4: "Resurrection" - Clip…
10 videos
Little Ted's Big Adventure
This Play School series is an exploration of transport and all things that move. From steam trains, to tall ships, hot air balloons, helicopters and horse and carriage. All adventures show exciting and unique ways of getting from one place…
20 videos
Humpty's Big Adventure
Determined not to fall off the wall again, Play School's Humpty Dumpty sets out on a thrilling adventure to discover different ways we can balance and move our bodies. Humpty joins Play School presenters and inspiring young children from a…
16 videos
Jemima's Big Adventure
Get swept away with Jemima as she is invited on the ultimate play date, through the red garden doorway and into the imagination of Australian preschoolers. For the very first time children are given access to play with Jemima, transporting…
10 videos