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Franklin Plays the Game / Franklin Wants a Pet
Episode 1 of Franklin Season 1
In "Franklin Plays The Game", Franklin is not looking forward to playing soccer for his team always loses. During a practice, Franklin notices how his teammates play and suggest they practice every day to get to know their positions. Eventually,…
Gift of the Dinos / Winter
Episode 1 of Barney and Friends
It's Christmas and BJ dreams of getting a new baseball glove to go with his baseball, while Riff hopes for new drumsticks to use his drum. Baby Bop is surprised by the first day of cold weather, and Barney helps…
A collection of short films starring classic claymation character beloved by all - Gumby! Clip #1: "Gumby Concerto" - Clip #2: "Gold Rush Gumby" - Clip #3: "Gumbasia" -
3 videos
Double Trouble Part One
Episode 1 of Double Trouble
Sixteen year old Yuma lives with her wealthy father and step family in Sydney. Kyanna, also 16, lives in a community in the central Australian desert with her mother and extended family. Separated at birth, these twin girls are completely…
I'm An Animal Season 1
I'm an Animal is a colourfully animated preschool series featuring short, funny interviews with animals in their natural habitat. The animals reveal helpful facts and information, while the intrepid camera crew try to deal with their big egos, short-tempers, and…
52 videos
The Principal's Office
Episode 1 of Little Lunch
When Rory is punished and sent to the Principal's office, the other kids surprisingly feel sorry for him and try to cheer him up.
Crazy Creatures
This collection of three magical short films and its cast of intriguing animated characters expands young imaginations while keeping them entertained. Clip #1: "Lynx & Birds" - Clip #2: "Tumbleweed Tango" - Clip #3: "Oh, Possum!" -
3 videos
Episode 1 of Wibbly Pig Season 1
Wibbly is painting. He has painted a lion, a clown, a kite, a house and a flower! When he accidentally splashes the paper and then paints a squiggle to cover it, the squiggle comes to life and chases all around…
Chaos 101
Episode 1 of Class of the Titans
It's New Years Eve and Cronus escapes from Tartarus! When he learns of the prophecy, Cronus frees the Giants and unleashes the fearsome Typhoeus in order to stop Jay, Herry and Atlanta from discovering their destiny.
2008: Laura
Episode 1 of My Place Series 1
Laura accidentally sinks a dinghy in the canal and the ashes of the owner's beloved dog are lost in the muddle. She can't find a way to own up. Meanwhile, her mob get together to listen to the Prime Minister's…
Play School Story Time
A delightful new Play School series featuring some of Australia's most loved celebrities as they snuggle up on the Story Time couch and read entertaining picture books written by Australian authors. Clip #1: "Pig The Winner with Rove McManus" -…
7 videos
Bobbie the Bear
A delightful live action series following the adventures of Bobbie, a lovely lavender bear and his farm friends. Bobbie is a very cute, resourceful and inquisitive bear who solves any problem that comes his way. Clip #1: "A Spot of…
10 videos
The Key
Episode 1 of Eckhart Season 1
After Madame Thel gives a crystal ball reading in Crumbfest Cove, both Eckhart and Boss Mouse become intrigued with the idea of fortune telling, but their thoughts on the subject are very different. Boss Mouse finds a shiny key and…
A String's the Thing / J-J-Jelly
Part of the Series: WordWorld
A String's the Thing - After Duck accidentally turns on Frog's new cake frosting machine, the WordFriends must find the right ing word to stop it from covering WordWorld in delicious frosting. J-J-Jelly - Pig asks Bear and Sheep to…
Franklin Goes to School / Franklin Is Lost
Episode 3 of Franklin Season 1
In "Franklin Goes to School", Franklin is excited about the first day of school. However, he is also scared as to the expectations. He then learns what school is all about and even drew a picture of his family to…
Riff's Musical Zoo / Boats
Episode 2 of Barney and Friends
Everyone is excited about an upcoming trip to the zoo. When the trip is postponed, Riff decides to create a musical zoo. Baby Bop is having a great time playing with her homemade boat. However, what she really wants is…
Taylor's DNA
Part of the Series: Mortified
Taylor is convinced that Don and Glenda can't possibly be her real parents and decides to have their DNA tested, with extraordinary results.
Tears of Sadness
Episode 1 of The Neverending Story
When Bastian arrives in Fantasia he discovers that some of the citizens have turned into frozen statues. Realizing it's coming from the water, Bastian collects a strange potion from Urgl and travels with Barktroll and Falkor to the Fountain of…
Episode 1 of The Longhouse Tales Season 1
On a night of shooting stars, a magical storyteller named Hector Longhouse arrives in the Real World and powerful coyote named Dwight arrives in the Animal World.
The Dress Up Day
Episode 2 of Little Lunch
On Dress-Up-As-What-You-Want-To-Be-When-You-Grow-Up-Day, Battie dresses up as Stretcho, his very own made up super hero.